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Berean Christian Academy


Welcome to Berean Christian Academy. This school has been called for the distinct purpose of helping families to produce Christian journeymen, ministers, leaders, professionals and statesmen. The product of Berean Christian Academy should be a young person thoroughly prepared to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of life, "taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:5). Restoring Christian nobility and leadership in the home, church, community and nation by faith is our goal.

Berean Christian Academy is a day-school ministry of Berean Christian Center. We are pleased to serve you who have determined to make true Christian education a way of life for your family. We pray and trust God for a tremendous blessing to the children and families each year as we work together according to the gracious historical and Biblical pattern of education which is our true Christian heritage.

Note that our Student Handbook represents our formal covenant, in spirit and deed, to work together for the education of the children, the school and home - each contributing its appropriate part and each agreeing to uphold the policies herein. Please contact the school for an information packet.


Phone:(203) 876-2126

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Our Calling

We believe the Lord has called Berean Christian Academy to minister to families who are convicted that their children ought to be brought up in the Lord for all of His purposes: to be filled with godly character, knowledge, wisdom, skill and anointing to live in today's world, but on God's terms and all for His glory.

The means of our effort, known as the Principle Approach, is a rigorously Biblical and practical view of life and education in which basic, historical doctrines of the faith are applied to every aspect of the program, from administration to classroom methods and the content. The Principle Approach, with the many familiar qualities of traditional education, has taken those traditions back to their Scriptural roots for correction and refinement.

Biblical, historical and personal experience convict us that this approach promises to be the very best means available to reverse the trend of decline in education. It replaces failure with a trend of increasing godliness, citizenship and true accomplishment among those who desire to follow Jesus in all His ways - spiritual and practical.


Our History and Vision

Berean Christian Academy was envisioned in the 1970's and again in 1992. Study was made of school models to follow resulting in a desire to resemble The New Testament School in Long Pond, Massachusetts whose founder is Dr. Paul Jehle. A band of visionaries, teachers and facilitators gathered around the vision and met regularly for over a year studying and training under Dr. Jehle's curriculum. A brief search providentially produced our founding headmaster, Ronald Kirk, of the Master's School in California. BCA opened its classes in the fall of 1996 offering classes from kindergarten through tenth grade with a student body of 34 students. By 1999 we enrolled 105 students and to date have graduated 20 students, 19 of whom have attended college. Since our commencement we have added six modular classrooms containing a book storage area, weight room and classes. We have added two basketball courts, a swing set, climbing bars and a volleyball field. We have served Christians, Hindus and Muslims. Our vision is to add property to our campus and grow to a student body of 195. We also desire to assist other churches to launch Christian schools that will help restore to America and the world the Biblical World View of our Founding Fathers whose goal was to manifest the Kingdom of God in family and public life.


-------------additional information and statistics------------

What is the Problem?

In 1950, $8.8 billion was spent on public education in America. By 1992, that cost had escalated to $445 billion (well over $5,000/student/year). Despite the increase, there has been a consistent drop in Scholastic Assessment Test scores, of over 50 points in verbal and over 35 in math scores since 1963. College textbooks are being rewritten at a lower grade level so students can understand them. In the 1940's the typical school offenses in public schools were chewing gum and unfinished homework; by the 1990's these offenses had evolved into drunkenness, drugs, murder and rape. Governor Rowland recently declared that in some Connecticut schools 50% drop out in 9th grade & more girls are getting pregnant that graduating from high school. Ninety million American adults are unable to work effectively in today's workplace due to a lack of basic educational skills. Newspapers and magazines are written at sixth grade levels. These trends are the result of humanism, man-centered religion, which assumes it is the state's role to educate young people, leaving them devoid of reverence for God, others, and godliness. Rather than correcting their temperament, young people are left as slaves to their desires, untrained in governing themselves, and unprepared to righteously lead others.

The Answer

The answer lies in restoring God's "Biblical Worldview approach" to education. The Bible declares that it is the responsibility of the parents (with the help of Godly tutors) to educate their children and not the responsibility of the state with its ungodly philosophy . It affirms the need to educate according to Noah Webster's understanding of education which includes: instruction and discipline to enlighten the understanding, correction of the temperament, and formation of manners and habits. To Webster, America's first schoolmaster, the central goal of education was to train youth in the principles of Christianity. Such training, he said, was "...the most important and of the first things in which all children under a free government, ought to be instructed."

Berean Christian Academy

After 32 years of Christian ministry in Milford, Connecticut, the Berean Assembly of God responded to the Lord's call to establish Berean Christian Academy (BCA). With a goal to "occupy" until the Lord's return (Luke 19:13), the vision for BCA is to raise up a generation of youth that will take seriously the Great Commission and be equipped to implement the process of making disciples of all nations. Through disciplined and systematic academics, students cultivate a Biblical Worldview in an environment supporting scholastic excellence. They are challenged to produce solutions in evangelism and discipleship, in family, church, business and civic government. Emphasis is placed upon knowing the Savior's end and purpose for the subject and how mastery of it (in obedience to Christ) will benefit mankind in these last days


Biblical Worldview methodology employs America's historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning which identifies seven major Biblical principles as the basis for every subject in the cirriculum. Its effectiveness was noted in Revolutionary War as having a literacy rate of virtually 100%. The Federalist Papers written for farmers and common citizens of that day, are difficult for today's college graduates to comprehend. Education was Biblical and centered in the home. The first schools were started by the Church. The first public schools were thoroughly Christian. The character of the teachers was one of integrity and courage like that of Nathen Hale. The Bible was the central textbook.

How will a Biblical Worldview help your child?

It enables your child to discover the Biblical origin and purpose, the vocabulary, and the Christian history of subjects taught.

It helps your child to take dominion in Christ over all subjects taught, enabling use of a wider variety of resources.

It purposes to develop within your child Christian character and scholarship necessary to support a Christian Republic, and to maintain religious and civil liberties within society.

It prepares your child to discern the Providence, Principles and Character of God in America's Christian history.

It prepares your child to excel in institutes of higher learning.
What is the Biblical Worldview methodology?

It is a method of Biblical reasoning which consists of the 4R's: 1. RESEARCHING God's Word & other information sources to identify the Biblical principles of daily life and living. 2. REASONING from the Biblical principles through the subject. 3. RELATING these principles to the student's Christian character, conscience and stewardship of God-given talents. 4. RECORDING of the written record of the teacher's and the student's application of principles to daily life and living.

It includes Biblical principles which distinguish America's Christian history and government: Character, Government, Stewardship, Growth, Covenant, Individuality, and Sovereignty of God.

It explains why the INTERNAL produces the EXTERNAL: 1. Why the heart of man is primary and causative to what man experiences 2. Why spiritual bondage gives rise to political slavery 3. Why spiritual liberty gives rise to civil and religious liberty.

What is the fruit of Biblical Worldview education?

Our mission is to meet a child where he or she is and lead him or her forward in Academics and Character. At the end of oureighth year, ninteen out ofthe twentystudents who have graduated BCA are attending college. We look forward to this high percentage spreading over a greater number of students as we grow.

What is the Cost?

Tuitions are kept as affordable as possible, please request a tuition schedule. Discounts are awarded for early enrollment and to families with multiple students.

How can you be Involved?

Parents: Re-assume the active Biblical responsibility to educate your children.

Churches: Provide space, support, and prayer for those in need of quality Christian education.

Businesses: Sow financially into the fertile ground of Biblical Worldview Christian education for America's children, and provide scholarships and apprentice opportunities for developing students.

Government: Provide depreciated of new equipment for pioneering schools, apprentice opportunities for developing students, and offer to teach from your field of knowledge.

Everyone: Discover the history, Power, and fruit of a Biblical Worldview in education. Restore Christian vs. humanistic methodology in your approach to education.

Join Berean Christian Academy!

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